Our Mission​

Our objective is to address all of the rehab and conditioning needs your equine might have. Our rehabilitation and conditioning services vary in scope and sophistication and

are focused on providing your equine with the best chance for success.

Our horse therapy facility is designed and dedicated to the recovery

and conditioning of professional equine athletes.

Whether your horse requires diagnosis, therapy, rehabilitation, pain management

or fitness, our professional and coordinated approach to equine sports medicine will

help you, your trainer and your horse achieve your goals. Whatever your horse’s

unique sports medicine issue, PERFECT EQUINE REHAB is the place to be!

Products and Services

Products and Services

New Therapies always being added!!!

Cold Saltwater Spa

The goal of the Equine Cold Saltwater Spa is to eliminate swelling &

keep it at bay to prevent injury!!

Most injuries begin with acute swelling that weakens the

area, making it more susceptible to injury.

The Cold Saltwater combined with the spa action will decrease/eliminate swelling in the ligaments, tendons,

tendon sheath, fetlock, ankles, hocks, knees & into

the navicular bursa & coffin joint of the foot.

This therapy is beneficial both Post & Pre Performance to

keep your Equine Athletes performing at the top of their

game & avoiding costly injuries!

Pro Series 3 in 1 Blanket - Full Body Therapy

Full Body PEMF/Masssage treatments are offered in a variety

of settings to target the individual needs of the Equine Athlete.

The Sport Innovations 3-in-1 is a unique full body horse blanket

(neck, shoulder, back & hip) which provides sequenced Pulsed Electromagnetic Field (PEMF), Heat and Massage Therapy. Our

PEMF, Massage and Solarium devices help ease sore back

muscles, injuries, body soreness and muscular recovery before

and after performance horse workouts.

Pulsed electromagnetic field therapy (PEMF), also called pulsed magnetic therapy, pulse magnetotherapy, or PEMF. This therapy

is a reparative technique most commonly used in animal pain management, injury recovery and overall health upkeep. This technology is at the heart of our horse sports medicine devices.

Equi Resp Respiratory Therapy

Equi Resp Therapy makes breathing easier &

easier breathing means better performance!

Improve your Equine Athlete’s performance with respiratory

therapy. When you travel and compete, its only a matter of

time before your horse acquires a respiratory infection.

Bleeders, Allergies, COPD, Heaves all play havoc with your

Equine Athlete’s performance.

Give your horse the winning advantage of an Equi Resp

respiratory treatment & immediate relief from respiratory

problems. Equi-Resp with Equi-Silver has proven over and over

to offer the ability to help with all the above issues using a

100% natural product.  This system has helped allergies, poor

air quality & all other types of respiratory issues, for a fraction

of the cost of drug treatments.

Equine Thermal Imaging

Thermography presents a noninvasive, safe, and cost-effective diagnostic imaging modality that is a valuable complementary

 tool in equine health care.

Performance-limiting or career-ending conditions such as kissing

spines, tendon/ligament problems, and soreness from poorly fitted saddles, hoof abnormalities, arthritis, and cervical injuries all

produce patterning detectable with thermographic cameras. Thus, thermography has wide applications such as for lameness

localization, saddle-fitting evaluation, prepurchase evaluations,

shoeing and trimming assessment, arthritis detection, pre- and

post-chiropractic or acupuncture or massage treatment/evaluation, serial assessment of soft-tissue healing, tendon/ligament evaluation, and more. Researchers have shown that they can use thermography

to detect tendon/ligament injuries up to two weeks prior to evidence

of clinical lameness, as well as subclinical hock inflammation prior

to bony changes. Scientists also use thermography in research 

settings to evaluate physiologic responses to medications,

equipment such as equine treadmills, and laminitis and diseases

of the hoof. It is important to remember that the camera reads

surface temperatures and does not penetrate; thus,

veterinarians cannot use it to evaluate deeper structures. 

This is NOT for diagnosing - for informational purposes only!!

Our Services

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Cold Saltwater Spa

$50-75  Saltwater Spa Therapy treatment

Thermal Imaging


Full Body Imaging, Region of Interest (Front Quarter, Hind Quarter, Lower Limbs), Saddle Fitting Check (images horse and saddle)

All Imaging will include report for further consultation with vets, farriers or saddle makers

See Forms Page for images taken in each area.

Equi Resp

$20-$25 Breathing Treatment

Pro Series 3 in 1

$30-$40 - Full 30 min Treatment (PEMF & Massage)

Boarding and Rehab Services

$1200-$1500/month Rehab Board

(includes appropriate Rehab Therapies & customized for each client)

Boarding and Rehab Services

$350-$400/week - Rehab Board

(includes appropriate Rehab Therapies & is customized for each client)

Customized Packages Available

10% discount applied when more than 1 individual treatment is chosen